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The tastes are felt with the taste buds, the aromas with the nose. In coffee, there are about 1000 aromatic molecules.
Why The Royal?

The Royal comes from the pride of our ancestors who built this country and who worked the land to produce this coffee, which makes Haiti’s strength and wealth.

Kings and queens that you are, The Royal range of coffee is yours … the next sip in your cup!

Is the coffee roasted daily?

We roast upon receiving your order to ensure we only ship the freshest coffee!

Once we receive the orders, we roast this coffee and ship it fresh!

How does the delivery work?

In order to save our customers money on shipping, we use standard untracked shipping. However, expedited packages (shipping with tracking) are available at a different price. If you choose to have your order shipped by Expedited Parcel, you will receive a shipping confirmation email that will provide you with a tracking number once your order has shipped.

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Return and exchange policy?

Any purchase of a digital product through our website is final.

There is no refund.

Haitian coffee serving the best since 1788



Haitian coffee is widely known in the coffee industry (and within the farming community) that Haiti was once responsible for half of the world’s coffee production.


It is a coffee that is roasted in Quebec where the team of Les 3 Gourmets stands. The reason why we roast it in Quebec is because we want to have a better control over the quality and freshness of the coffee.


Roasting is an art of precision and subtlety. This meticulous operation consists of roasting the green coffee beans up to 200°C. It only lasts 15 minutes. The purpose of precise roasting is to bring out the unique taste of Haitian coffee beans.

The history of Haitian coffee

Haiti was once responsible for half of the world’s coffee production. Despite a terroir that is, the type of soil, topography and climate that reproduces nirvana for all that is agricultural.

Cultivated at over 1000 meters altitude

A single-origin coffee grown at more than 1000 meters above sea level, which is worthy of an Arabica coffee. arabica can be sophisticated. It can be complex.

It can have interesting body and acidity that can be played with to make new and exciting blends.

Picked manually and selectively

Your cup of Les 3 Gourmets Premium Coffee comes from coffee beans that have been individually hand selected as the premium bean(s) of a harvest.


Helps maintain agricultural families

By purchasing the Le Royal range from Les 3 Gourmets, you are helping to create an ecosystem between coffee producers in Haiti and Canadian companies, whose mission is to help Haitian economic development.


Flavors and subtleties of the land where it is planted

The roasted Haitian coffee produces a super nutty and consistent taste that creates a serene cupping experience.


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